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Matters of the Heart

Here are a few things about me I’d love to share with you about who I am and some of what matters most to me.

I am a Sparkle Pirate. Sometime I like to stir it up, but only and always with my sword of love and light.

I believe we all posses magical powers and that we are here in this life to learn how to express and utilize these gifts on behalf of Good for ourselves and others!

At the end of the day, I believe, listening deeply is one of the most profound healing gifts we can give to each other.

I believe kindness and tenderness have powerful and alchemical abilities to transform lives ~ especially as we also learn to offer these qualities to ourselves.

I believe in love nudges.

I love delicate things. I am moved by their intense intricacy and profound power to prevail.

I am fascinated by transparency, reflection, illumination and every other way that Light reminds us that we are surrounded by Magic.

I love the smell and sound of wet concrete sizzling on a hot summer day and the way the soft breeze feels on my skin and brings me back to the present moment.

I love flowers in all shapes and sizes. I find them delightful, sculptural marvels. Nature is full of so many gifts waiting for us to discover.

Butterflies are evidence and reminders of the power that comes from digging deep and saying “YES!” to transformation, triumph and joy.

I am working hard in this life to Grow my most powerful Wings and I am passionate about helping others do the same!

Despite the most challenging days or circumstances (and maybe even because of), I believe we are here to grow, transcend and thive.

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