Intrepid, Irrepressible Joy…
Life longing to be expressed
Touch me and unite me with my most honest and elated essence
Electrify me with your ideas.
Unravel my fear and expose me to what I can no longer avoid, deny or suppress…

Embolden me with your audacious, undaunted aliveness.
Use me to help others dance with you too so that we can all be filled with your luminous, dazzling Light!

Let’s Start an Intrepid Joy Revolution Together!


Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. ~ Neale Donald Walsh


So what is this whole “Intrepid Joy” business all about?!
Well, the short answer is…
As we both know, life in general is pretty complicated.
And being human can be so incredibly convoluted and often tricky.
There can be so much heartache tangled up with so much exquisite beauty.
How does one reconcile these diametric discrepancies?

The answer for me is to live Intrepidly.
Here’s the thing….

Life is SO much about hurting and healing.
As as crazy as it sounds, 
I believe, we come here to this life to learn through our experiences and to
grow and transcend…BUT…We have to choose.
The truth is hurting is an inevitable byproduct of being alive, and here’s the rub…
Healing is a choice.

I promise you, Intrepid Joy doesn’t necessarily mean living in a continuous bliss-ed out state of joy.
I take lot of little detours and gnash and fight with reality… (I might even swear a tiny bit.)
But ultimately… I come back home to myself and reconnect to the part of my Soul and Spirit that is imploring me to be claim my precious life!
I explore all these elements of hurting and healing, evolving and transforming in my ART and as I live my life.
It helps me to process all the things that awe and unsettle me. I would so love to help you find your way to digest the events of your life so that you are able to live more freely!
No matter what, I believe there is a way!

Intrepid Living and art-making for me is all about processing and accepting this complexity and agreeing to say a RESOUNDING YES to being alive!
And… despite the challenges and the strife ~ Yep! I really did say that!

I Believe with all my Heart …

At your very essence, you are creative and courageous and that joy and being comfortable in your skin is your birthright.
Your life and special talents are essential gifts and only YOU can claim them.
I am so excited to help you identify and express your voice and your passion.

Are you ready to step into your most embodied self possible and claim your INTREPID JOY?
How about you? ♥


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Let’s Claim Intrepid Joy Together!